Live your Godly mission.

Living your life in mission requires continued soul work. Experience ONGOING faith strengthening with small groups of Marked Men who have already completed Phases 1 & 2 and are committed to sharpening, strengthening, and supporting each other weekly or bi-weekly.

What to expect

  • Continue radical faith transformation
  • Develop faith strength training
  • Sharpen facilitation skills
  • Strengthen talents and gifts from God
  • Overcome obstacles and wounds
  • Continue to find healing for personal brokenness with the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Continue to live God’s purpose for you
  • Experience authentic encouragement and brotherly support
  • Discover new gifts from God
  • Become a prayer warrior for God
  • No judgment

Have you completed your Phase 1 Experience and Phase 2 Training?

If you would like to find a Phase 3 Soul Group click below!

Phase 3 Calibration Training

Marked Men For Christ ministry has developed a NEW Online Training course for Phase 3 soul group members. Whether you have been attending your Phase 3 for years, or you are attending for the first time, this training is for you! 

What you will learn and discover:

  • Understand and implement MMFC ministry-approved Phase 3 format.
  • Effectively lead and develop a Bible reflection round.
  • Facilitate the outside check-in, clearing, and work rounds.


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