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Our Three Phase Process





A 44-hour faith-strengthening experience for men just like you who have struggled with deceit, fear, anger, sadness/loss, and shame. Men find healing, strength, and freedom. Be radically TRANSFORMED, find your mission, and become the man God created you to be.




Continue the life-transforming work begun at your Phase 1 44-hour Experience with like-minded men over an 11-week deep dive that is intentional, powerful, and safe. Become a STRONGER man for Jesus Christ.




ONGOING faith strengthening small groups of Marked Men who have completed Phases 1 & 2 and are committed to sharpening, strengthening, and supporting each other weekly or bi-weekly.



More Events & Services for you powered by Marked Men For Christ

On-air broadcast with interviews, panel discussion, soul group breakout, and challenging content for men.

One-day conferences with local and national speakers addressing everyday topics that are challenging for men equipping them to live out their faith. A great way to fire up Marked Men and an easy way of introducing other men to Marked Men For Christ.

Men committed to regularly praying together and individually for Marked Men For Christ events, staff, and needs.

Intense iron sharpening iron training for men committed to leading Phase 1, 2, 3 groups in support of their brothers’ healing.

Donors committed to supporting the Marked Men For Christ ministry on a regular basis

Pay it forward donations to make it possible for men to attend a Phase 1 Experience who cannot afford it.

R.U.N. is the acronym for Racial Unification Now With God. Racial unification training for men created in God’s image, building one stronger body in Christ.

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