Why is Men’s Ministry so Difficult?

Most pastors would agree that having an effective men’s ministry is important to their church. They also will tell us that their men’s ministry is not as effective as they believe it can be. Leading men’s ministry can be difficult. Men are good at isolating themselves. Men are good hiders but are not always great seekers. Women are better at building relationships than men, however, men need solid relationships in their lives.

Too many men are trying to do it on their own and when they become discouraged there is no one encouraging them to keep going. This is where Marked Men For Christ ministry engages with men to help them understand their need for authentic relationships with other men who are struggling with the same stuff. Marked Men For Christ ministry provides the “safe place” for men to be honest about what is really going on in their life. James 5:16 encourages us to tell the truth to one another, pray and be healed. Once men experience healing and acceptance they become the men that God intended.

Marked Men for Christ ministry does the heavy lifting

For over 20 years, Marked Men for Christ (MMFC) has had a proven strategy for building STRONGER men for Jesus Christ. We help men find healing from life-long wounds AND discover their Godly mission in life.Time after time, we see God’s Men come back from an MMFC Phase 1 Experience RADICALLY TRANSFORMED and with PURPOSE. The positive effect is immediate within their marriage, their children, their workplace, and their CHURCH!

MMFC ministry does not replace your church men’s ministry. We supplement your men’s ministry. Consider us a “faith strength camp” for God’s men that supports the local church. Our common goal is to strengthen God’s men in their faith and support the local church men’s ministry. Resulting in men making an IMPACT in their homes, church and community, because they are ON-FIRE for Jesus Christ.

Benefits of Marked Men For Christ Ministry to the Local Church

  • Men who are more engaged in their local Churches
  • Men who are actively growing in their faith in Jesus Christ
  • Men who are more generous with their time, talent, and treasure
  • Stronger marriages
  • Stronger relationships between Fathers and their children

A safe place for Pastors to find healing & restoration

Like all men, pastors need a safe place to be transparent and open up about what is really going on in their lives. No titles. No church talk. Just be you (man). We invite pastors to attend one of our Phase 1 Experiences located in 13 countries and throughout the U.S.. Go where no one knows them as a pastor, where they can be themselves to do their soul work and receive God’s healing/strengthening.

We invite Pastors to pray and ask God if the Marked Men For Christ ministry experience is something that they should encounter during this season of life.

Marked Men For Christ ministry provides men the opportunity to work on areas of woundedness and hurt and to build authentic relationships with other Godly men. They begin to live with purpose and more clarity for Jesus Christ!

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