Attendee Report FAQ

Question: How do I get to see my reports?

  • Answer: If you’re on a Mobile device (or have screen magnification)

    • After logging in select the pancake in the top left, then touch the “>” to the right of FOR MARKED MEN and then touch ATTENDEE REPORTS. The “>” is small and easy to miss, don’t click the words or it will take you to the incorrect place.
  • Answer: If you’re on a larger screen device

    • After logging in use the More tab in the menu to access the For Marked Men flyout and click the Attendee Reports link.

Question: How do I check reports for past events?

Answer: Events are only available for 60 days after they occur, older events are not available through this interface.

Question: Why can I see different report types for different events?

Answer: The different report types that are available are based on your role for that event.

Question: I’ve changed the report type but it’s not showing, why?

Answer: After changing the report type you need to click Load Report.