Holy cow! Jesus spoke to me and showed His presence for the 1st time in 36-years. I saw Him! I heard Him like never before! I AM A CHANGED MAN! MMFC gave me the purpose in life … the meaning of being a man. The strength to tackle all and not be afraid.

Jesus uncovered my wounds that I buried deep within and transformed the way I think about my actions. If you want to change the way you live, for the better, go to a MMFC weekend!

(MMFC) is an encouraging and challenging Christ-centered environment that is a safe, healthy and exploration of Biblical masculinity!

AMAZING! MMFC is an experience where you have the opportunity to get closer to Christ by looking at yourself and allowing HIM to make changes in you!

A wonderful experience for believers and all men that are broken – for whatever reason.

EXCELLENT -- MMFC experience was so humbling to be with REAL men. Men my father’s age, opening up their childhood selves to Christ (and me). Jesus gave me acceptance of myself, love for Him and a source of strength and generosity to build His kingdom with my brothers & sisters!

A transformative experience which helps me bring my wounds to Christ and then He used men to begin the healing/transformation process. Jesus brought much healing with the men and the Holy Spirit!

YOU need to GO to MMFC (weekend), it will change your life!

The BEST GIFT that I could give to anyone (MMFC weekend)!

Refreshed my soul through, who once were strangers, a group of brothers. I’m now able to identify & accept my wounds and press on in the mission GOD gave me!

JESUS is alive and well in all of us that decide to listen to HIM and follow HIM! I worked hard to dig deep and bring out the truth … SET FREE!