Overall the weekend was great. God really placed this weekend in my life at the perfect timing. Jesus reaffirmed my gifts He has given me, and reminded me to continue letting go of control and allowing Him to lead me. This weekend is great for anyone who is trying to heal deep wounds in their life. this weekend will allow you to be honest and open with yourself and it is a great push for a man trying to build themselves up in Jesus! Great experience and great fellowship!

An uncomfortable but much needed weekend that caused me to take a huge step with my walk with Christ!

The weekend was awkward, annoying, uncomfortable....and every bit of the Gospel in action, and absolutely worth your step of faith! It will cost you....control, but it is God who takes that. Ad it is life giving, clearly and boldly pointing to the cross.

A journey into the depths of our soul aimed at enabling you to "throw off everything that hinders", so you can "run the race with perseverance" and accomplish the mission of God in your life.

Jesus told me that I am complete in Him and I need not worry about my past, but instead look to the future and help grow His Kingdom.

It is an in-depth spiritual experience of sharing, honesty and support. It will show the goodness of God and His deep love!

Released me from 50+ years of shame and gave me the grace to forgive those offenders in my life, and effectively established a milestone (reminder) of my desire to forgive.

I am glad that God brought me here. It was good to be able to be in a place where men can share with each other their hurt and wounds openly and begin the healing process.

A rich and deep experience with other men who love God and struggle with the same things. Brings clarity to why we act the way we do.

An opportunity to experience better clarity around areas of weakness and a great time to connect and bond with other men.

This weekend brought healing to a broken man and I left invigorated by the power of Jesus Christ!

It was a grace filled opportunity to seek to be a real man, whose mission was discovered by uncovering these parts of myself which keep me from the true disciple God calls me to be in the world.

The Lord worked in my life through the people there. I emptied myself out because the people were so inviting then to be loved by people who knew everything I didn't want them to know was awesome.

Jesus helped me to iron out the wrinkles that have been in my heart. I learned to trust my brothers.

Amazing clarity! I hit emotional bottoms I didn't know I had and Jesus rested some of my physical ailments!

I am renewed and rejuvenated as a follower of Christ! The Lord lifted burdens from my heart that were impeding me from being the man God called me to be!