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Marked Men For Christ P1 #262 Testimonies: Colorado “Bless you. Praise GOD!”

Over-the-top spiritual transformation! – Don

It was DEEP work that will have an eternal IMPACT. There were things that needed healing and the love of Christ. It’s like 2-years of counseling wrapped into 44-hours.  – Torrence

AMAZING! Spiritually freeing. Intense “share all” with other men – much in common! – Phil

Unreal – truly amazing – I have been through some extraordinary healing experiences and this has greatly advanced my journey towards Christ. – Louis

Amazing! Blessed! Thankful – Charles

Life Changing. Gave me a different direction to explore my walk with God! I am a changed man – a holy man! – Michael

Major IMPACT! Must do to get ahead in your Christian walk. – Bill

I am overwhelmed with a renewed sense of HIS love for me and the freedom HE offers! – Jeff

It was really good for me. – Craig

Feel extremely blessed to have been here. So, thankful. A life changing motivating experience. An experience to experience a deeper and more rewarding relationship with Christ! – Larry

Encouraged by the Love of Jesus. Supported by other men. Challenged to live a grander vision. – Jason

It was an experience that helps to find, unpack the woundedness that hinders your ability to connect with others and, more importantly, affects your relationship with Jesus! — Parker

DEEP SOUL WORK. A tearing down and letting go. And then, a building up and sending out. I’m in. Bless you! – Tim

100% God filled, timely and priceless. – MichaelI am overwhelmed with the amazing and transforming this has been. — #8,500 Will

Jesus opened my eyes to the walls I have put up that covered the emptiness in my heart. I Have been astounded by HIS love and awed by all HE has for me! The BEST, craziest, and most rewarding men’s’ retreat I have been on. Nothing like it. – Jonny

I was amazed and found CHRIST again. — John

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Marked Men For Christ P1 #260 Testimonies:  Rhode Island    “Bless you. Praise GOD!”

I am blessed that JESUS was evident through this process (weekend experience). HIS grace, mercy, conviction (not judgement) and love was eminent through the staff and each session. – Justin

AMAZING!  I could not anticipate the impact GOD would have on me through this event. – Robert

Transformed my outlook on faith, my junk and what I had been holding onto for so long.  It has helped me to step up and be BOLD.  Intense and Powerful.  Significant step in my Christian walk as a man.  Necessary in your (our) maturity and sanctification. — Stuart

An amazing touch of HIS hand, guiding and directing.  Healing and wholeness into my life.  Revealing in opening truth in a safe and secure environment. – Paul

THANKFULNESS is my response to the extremely personal and prophetic encounter with JESUS!  The immediate orientation of “getting down to business” set the stage for soul work.  I appreciate intentionally pursuing the goal of healing. – Sid

Life changing.  — Chris

JESUS helped me let go of a 40-year pain/guilt and replaced it with God’s love and grace – and reminded me who I am in JESUS! – Thomas

Transformative … well worth the experience … — Eric

Unbelievable!  This experience has transformed my Christian walk.  It has provided me with a depth of healing and wholeness I have never experienced in my entire life.  This weekend is a profound transformative experience and encounter with JESUS through the 5-wounds of Jesus Christ. — Danny

Such a sense of brotherhood, healing & discovery… a time of freedom from all the hurts. –Robert

Positive, overcome with joy and emotion.  Powerful & Life Changing.  …emptying of my old self as the day(s) progressed to becoming a new creation in Christ! – Leo

AMAZING!  FREEING!  Exciting to have finally found a men’s gathering that really put the love of Christ in me. … SONday came too fast (smile). – Steve

Opened my heart to who JESUS is and what I could be doing in the future.  Experiencing a “can opener” to my heart to allow Jesus to love me. — Jerry

Marked Men For Christ (MMFC) is an opportunity to allow the cleansing power of JESUS to address and free us from the past wounds, sin, and brokenness.  It is a step I did not know the full value of until I experienced (it).  You MUST go! – Troy

JESUS set me FREE during this weekend. – Wesley

Discovering how much of a man I am. The process is so well produced. This will stay with me forever. — Roger

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Marked Men For Christ Weekend #247 Testimonies – Minnesota   Bless you. Praise GOD!

Life Changing experience! HE changed my hopelessness into the desire I’ve always wanted to serve HIM!  Absolutely astonishing and profound! – Joshua (1)

WOW! I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined getting to much out of one weekend! God brought me deeper, showed me more love, and talked to me throughout the whole experience!  Super intense, exciting and suspenseful.  Full of blessing and love! – Joshua (2)

Absolutely BLOWN AWAY!   Life changing.  An absolute MUST for all Christian men of any denominational background.  (It’s like) Heart surgery and being brought back to LIFE! — Chad

I am overwhelmed by what this weekend has done.  I have NEVER experience a setting in which I could feel so comfortable to be so open.  …life changing! — Jesse

AMAZED, ground breaking and life CHANGING!  — Brett

JESUS transformed my LIFE in a way that I have NEVER experienced!  …BEST weekend, transforming!  Changed my LIFE FOREVER! – Simon

Words can’t express the ease, release of the chains holding me back (down), and JOY I now feel. UNBELIEVABLE! AWEsome!  Hard work with a payoff like you’ve never experience FREEING! – Trevor

It’s a LIFE CHANGING weekend that has helped me go deeper!  I loved the intensity from the start.  I didn’t’ come here for a relaxing vacation.  I came to work on my soul.  Marked Men For Christ (MMFC) set that tone right away! – Tristan

AMAZING! Couldn’t believe how (my) wounds were healed…it was 50-years old.  Marked Men For Christ (MMFC) is something I need to be involved with. – Marv

I’m SMILING thinking about it… The GIFTS that I received are indescribable and spiritually empowering! — Kevin

I experienced FREEDOM! – John

LIFE CHANGING, Important and Christ centered! – Ryan

HE opened my eyes and heart to what GOD is doing in my life. I will enter the Kingdom being the hands and feet of Jesus. – Rodney

I appreciate what you are doing to put the masculine back in men and address the core issues.  This is a necessary retreat (weekend experience) if you want to go deeper in CHRIST! – Hans

AWESOME!  Life Changing!  I love how Jesus came in…surrendering my wounds to Him. – Ben

POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING experience. Do things God’s way…be a model of Him. — Anthony