Finish Strong

2018 Initiatives

2018 Initiatives

  1. Expand to our 4th continent, Asia. South Korea p1 in July 2018

    Currently we are serving 7 countries worldwide!

  2. Reach and exceed 10,000-men who have completed a P1.

    This year over 9,061 men have experienced our P1 events!

  3. East Africa 280 (Total 3 simultaneous P1's in one location)
  4. Establish a new ministry management role: North America Operations Director
Donate Now

Donate Now

In order to reach the goals we have planned for 2018, we need your help. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Thanks to all of you how have helped already!

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Global Impact

Global Impact

We have served over 9,000 men in over 28 countries and growing!!!

Our passion is not limited to only the US. God has given us a vision to reach men around the world!

Using your Mouse, you can "mouse over" any of the dots and get more detail on the number of lives impacted by our ministry!