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In order to reach the goals we have planned for 2018, we need your help. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Thanks to all of you how have helped already!
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Reaching Men Globally

Why is this Important

Men impacted

Over 8,000 Christian men from over 2,000 Churches have had a trans-formative experience (see TESTIMONIES). ARE YOU READY?

What men are saying – 2017

It was DEEP work that will have an eternal IMPACT. There were things that needed healing and the love of Christ. It’s like 2-years of counseling wrapped into 44-hours – Torrence

AMAZING! Spiritually freeing. Intense “SHARE ALL” with other men – much in common! – Phil

Unreal – truly amazing – I have been through some extraordinary healing experiences and this has greatly advanced my journey towards Christ. – Louis