Brad Dale
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $115.00
5% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
I’m Brad, it is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to go serve my brothers in Africa. This is my second trip to Africa. It was amazing to see God work in the lives of the African men on my first trip. I am asking you to join me by praying and financially supporting God’s continuing work through the Marked Men For Christ Ministry as we serve and help build stronger African men for Jesus!
Dave Buck
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $25.00
1% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
As many of you know already, I have been involved in a ministry called Marked Men for Christ for about the last six years. This year I have the opportunity to go and serve in Africa from April 27th to May 5th and share Gods love and purpose for their lives for up to 280 African men. I am asking for support in one of three ways or all, if you’re able. First pray for the African men coming to this event that this will be transformational, for them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Secondly pray for the staff and myself to be led by the Holy Spirit to further Gods kingdom, safety, dietary and travel arrangements. Thirdly monetarily to cover the expenses for many of these African men that will be attending this event and the many other expenses, such as travel and transporting supplies for the week. Thank you, and may the peace of God be with you.
Larry Brown
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $2,525.00
101% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
I'm Larry, and I'm passionate about seeing men experience the healing power of Jesus Christ, because as men are healed, the Church is strengthened, and as the Church is strengthened, the Gospel is spread, and as the Gospel is spread, the Kingdom of God advances and God the King is glorified! What a blessing it is to be able to share the healing power of Jesus with brothers in Africa. I invite you to share in that blessing by praying for our time in Kenya, praying for the brothers who will be sharing that time with us, and by contributing as you are able to help with their expenses (I'll take care of mine).
Ray Reuter
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $1,365.00
55% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
I have fallen in love with these men of Africa ... who have BIG hearts full of LOVE for Jesus Christ and one another. I am honored and grateful to be called to use my gifts of teaching and leadership to strengthen these men for God’s Kingdom. Your contribution helps enable me to be the hands and feet directly serving these men. A little bit on our end is multiplied many fold on the other end.
Wally Wildes
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $275.00
11% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
What a blessing from God to be chosen to serve alongside the MMFC leadership TEAM in Africa. I'm excited and humbled to be on mission in Africa to witness the powerful healing and transformation of almost 400 holy men. My prayer is that the gifts The Holy Sprit has given me would be used for His Glory.
Kenny Russell
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $2,500.00
100% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
Hello, I have been blessed to go to Africa 2017. I am going again this year as well. I am looking forward to being used in Gods work in Africa, what ever God has for me. I am asking for help to fulfill the financial needs that have to be met for this trip, there is no amount to small or large. I thank you for being obedient to what the lord leads you to do. Thank you and God Bless.
Scott McKenzie
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $100.00
4% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
I am excited about the opportunity to return on a short term mission’s trip to Kenya and East Africa and serve God’s men. Being in support of our local and national leaders we will be building up and strengthening men to be more in mission with God’s call and mission in their lives. We will do this through intensive leadership training and doing a strength camp for Christian men and leaders. Please join with me in this undertaking by praying and donating to help me serve our Christian brothers and leaders from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Thank you in advance for the financial and prayer support.
Don Morell
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $1,050.00
42% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
My eyes have witnessed transformation in the lives of so many men. As I witness this transformation, my life is transformed over and over again. It brings me great joy to walk along side of men that are wounded. It brings me great joy to see broken men come to the realization that they are HOLY. Please consider supporting African men as the work toward transformation and holiness. Support can be with a financial donation and or prayer. I will never stop serving in Marked Men for Christ ministry that simply is "Building Stronger Men for Jesus Christ".
Donald T Morell Jr
Steve Spicer
Goal: $2,500.00 - Collected: $2,550.00
102% of goal
Event: East Africa 280
I’m Spice, the opportunity to leave the comfort of the USA to serve God’s men in Kenya, Africa is a PRIVILEGE. This is my 8th short-term African mission, since 2008. I realize that not everyone gets this privilege. Please JOIN ME by PRAYING and DONATING a few dollars to help me serve our brothers (fathers, husbands, church leaders, etc.) on the continent of Africa. Let us BOTH be a BLESSING to others in Jesus’ name! AMEN!