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    Thanks Tom! YBiC, Marc


    Aloha Tom and all!

    I had the honor and pleasure of going to war for the souls and lives of those men at #195 with Tom and the other men. Praise God for the great stuff we witnessed! God truly is amazing…

    I didn’t realize it as much then as I do now, but this Phase 0 experience is real and critical… I went through the motions then. I was on fire for Christ when I showed up. I was “in mission” and hearing the Spirit and that is the goal, right? Well, now I have a new perspective. We just finished our prep work and a powerful Phase 1 out here in the East (PA #259) and I’ve got to tell you that this post speaks a powerful message of truth. I found that if you give yourself over fully to the pre-work and of course in turn to the Holy Spirit, I can walk into that Phase 1 and do so much more for the kingdom than if I just show up a moldable and willing man. God will shape my heart and spirit so that I am there for those men and the other staff men in a way that surpasses the status of a willing servant and enters the realm of an empowered and guided one. …A conduit or catalyst for a holy fire!

    Kudos for the post Tom. It put into words something I was trying to wrap my head and heart around. I will use your thoughts to make sure I’m properly engaging in Phase 0 activities before any future P1, P2, P3 or P4 activities.



    What great piece. Love the Phase 0 aspect. Have used some of it inP 3’s
    I’m in
    Ned shaver

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