Administration - Adding Venue Documents RDP

Saving Venue Directions into the Database & publishing

First save any directions as a PDF file.   It is easy to do in Microsoft Word.   Simply print the document and then select “Microsoft Print to PDF

2016-01-13 11_33_37-Start

2016-01-13 11_34_31-Start

Once you have saved the document you will want to copy the File so you can later Paste it over to the server.

2016-01-13 11_35_08-Start

Next you will want to connect to the Server.   To do this, start the Remote Desktop Connection program and supply the information and credentials.

2016-01-13 11_54_35-Start

Once connected, simply right click and “Paste” onto the desktop the PDF file you just copied

2016-01-13 13_22_32-Start

Once you have the document on your desktop, you will want to copy it into the proper folder.    Start “File Explorer” and type \\usiis3\\mvc\Content\VenueDocuments   You should see a Directory like the below:

2016-01-13 - Remote Desktop Connection

Select the “VenueDocuments” folder and drag the PDF file into that directory

2016-01-13 - Remote Desktop Connection

Finally,  Lets tell the ADP MMFC app that the file now exists as part of the Venue documents.

Open “MMFC XXXX2016-01-13 - Remote Desktop Connection Application and then select the “Venues” tab at the top.

2016-01-13 - Remote Desktop Connection

Locate the Venue you want to add the document to… in our example we are using Mt. Lebanon Camp as our example.   Notice the Required Documents text area.    In this area we will be typing in the filename of the document we copied into the \\usiis3\\mvc\Content\VenueDocuments directory.  NOTE: Make sure you separate all your documents you are adding with “,” (commas)

2016-01-13 - Remote Desktop Connection

When complete simply “TAB” key out of the field to update.

That’s it!