Matthew 14:14 “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.”

It all starts with seeing the need around us. When Jesus landed, the first things he noticed was a large crowd in need. He wasn’t so absorbed with His own agenda not to notice those around Him. He wasn’t so consumed with His own grief  that He couldn’t see their need. Is your gaze turned inward to the point that you are blind to the needs around you?

And Jesus didn’t just notice the need around Him, that need drove Him to compassion. When Jesus looks on us in our broken state, He has compassion on us. He didn’t turn away from the need, He didn’t avoid the need, He didn’t ignore the need. He allowed the needs of others to move Him, to impact Him, to mean something to Him. He wasn’t annoyed by the needy. Instead, He embraced the needy. How do you respond to the needs around you?

The result of Jesus seeing those in need and having compassion on those in need was that they were healed. He did something about their need. He responded to their need with action. Their need moved Him to action and they were healed. Jesus shows us the pattern of  ministry. See the need, have compassion, heal the sick. Is that the pattern in your life? If not, where is the breakdown in your ministry?