Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

As we approach God in prayer, Jesus gives us three things to do, ask, seek, and knock. The first thing that stands out to me as I start to look at this verse is that we are required to take on a dependence on our Creator when we approach Him in prayer. When I ask, it is because I am in want or need and I depend on God for His provision. When I seek, I do so because I am lost and know not what I need nor where to find it. Only He is the way and knows the way that I must travel. And when I knock, it is because I can not and dare not try to gain entrance of my own strength or merit. I am fully dependent upon God’s mercy to let me in.

So, when I ask in prayer, I come with a humble heart and lay my requests before His throne. I give up my right to choose how these wants and desires are to be fulfilled and I accept His answer as best. And when I seek, I seek Him as I would seek hidden treasure, with all my heart, refusing to give in or give up until I have found Him and His plan for my life. And when I knock, I knock as on the door to my best friends house, with expectation that He will soon open and no matter how long He tarries, I don’t turn around and leave but continue to knock until He opens and invites me in to join Him in sweet fellowship.

What a wonderful prayer life that would be if I allowed my heart to ask, seek, and knock in this way each day. Jesus promises that we will not leave empty.