Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

As Jesus sums up this discussion on worrying, He tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow is an interesting concept. We plan for tomorrow. We prepare for tomorrow. We hope for tomorrow. We fear tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. At least, the tomorrow we planned for never quite matches the today it becomes. So, why do we spend so much energy worrying about something that will never be reality?

I’m a bit of a prepper. I have my 25 year shelf life food supply. I have my water purifier. I have my solar powered flashlights, radios, and power supplies. So, I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan ahead. Or that we shouldn’t prepare for bad weather. I’m a firm believer in having enough insurance. Nor am I saying we shouldn’t look forward to things to come. I love the anticipation leading up to vacations and holidays. So, where do we draw the line? When tomorrow robs from today, you’ve gone to far. When tomorrow steals joy from today, when tomorrow keeps you from living today, when tomorrow has more of your attention than today, it has become more than what it should be.

I know at times I’ve crossed that line and allowed my fears and worries of tomorrow rob me of joy and life today. I’ve lost countless nights sleep as I stressed over something that never came to pass. I’ve been less than attentive to those around me while my mind wandered to solving problems that won’t ever need to be solved. Why? Is it my need to be perfect that drives me? Is it my pride that gets in the way? Maybe my need to be in control? When it comes down to it, if I really dig deep, I think I don’t trust that God loves me. I mean really trust His love for me. If He loves me, then everything will be OK. But since He doesn’t, then I better prepare for things to not be OK.

How much more could God show me His love for me than in sending His one and only Son to demonstrate that unending love by dying in my place and then rising again to prove that I don’t have to fear tomorrow! Thank you Lord for your unfailing, everlasting, all sufficient love for us!