Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said

When Jesus called His disciples, He gave them an invitation. “Come, follow me.” With those words, Jesus was inviting the disciples to leave what they knew, what they were comfortable with, and join Him on a life changing adventure. He was calling them out from what they thought was all there was to this life and giving them permission to do more than they ever thought possible.

And today, Jesus gives us the same invitation. “Come, follow me.” “Follow me from death to life” “Follow me from darkness to light.” “Follow me from ordinary to extraordinary.” Jesus invites us to a life of purpose, a life of service, a life of love shown through our actions. Every day, Jesus’ invitation is fresh, everyday it is available to you. “Come, follow me.”

As you hear Jesus’ invitation to you today, what is He calling you to? When you hear His voice calling to you, “Come, follow me”, what is your response? Can you. like the disciples, drop what you are doing and follow? What, if anything, holds you back from leaving your nets and following the call?