John 14:15 “If you love me, keep my commands.”

I’ve heard this statement before. Maybe not the exact same words, but the same intention. When you love someone, what’s important to them becomes important to you. I don’t ignore what my wife asks me to do because it must be important to her so therefore, it is important to me. It is part of the two becoming one. Shared life, shared values, laying down your life for another. But what if my answer to my wife is why should I? Or if I get around to it. Maybe someday after everything I have to do gets done. How would that make her feel? Would you feel loved if that was my response?

Now, we are the Bride of Christ. Therefore, what is important to Him should be important to us. What means something to Him should be a priority in our lives. When He asks, it should be, of course. Right away. No doubts. No hesitation. But it’s not that way most of the time. My response is rarely, I’ll get right on that. I usually hem and haw my way around the block a few times. Try it my way. Do what I want instead. I wonder how that makes Jesus feel?

So what is Jesus asking you to do today? Take a moment and really contemplate this question. It is important to Him and He is asking you to make it important to you as well. Can you let His love for you and your love for Him compel you to act on what He is asking you to do? “If you love me, …” Go ahead. Let Jesus fill in the blank for you today. And then get right to doing whatever it is. It’ll be the best thing you could possibly be doing right now.