John 14:4 “You know the way to the place where I am going.”

Jesus says to his disciples, “You know the way.” In the midst of the chaos of the night Jesus was to be betrayed, He encourages His disciples with these words. Before it gets really bad, He tells them, “You got this. It will be ok.” I wonder how many times the disciples returned to those words of Jesus over the years that followed? How many times, when faced with impossible odds, did they reach back into their memories and take strength and assurance from Jesus’ promise here. “You know the way.”

I am horrible at making decisions. I worry about every little thing that might happen and it paralyzes me. I need to take these words of Jesus to heart for my own life. To hear for myself, Jesus’ encouraging words, “You know the way.” When I don’t know what I should do, “You know the way.” When I’m not sure what to say, “You know the way.” When faced with making the tough choices, “You know the way.”

Are you facing a decision tonight that has got you torn between possibilities? Is there something that you have been putting off because you aren’t quite sure of what the right thing to do is? Do the words get stuck every time you try to get them out? Hear Jesus’ words to you tonight. “You know the way.” Believe those words from Jesus. They are just as true for you today as they were for His disciples so long ago. Let them sink down deep. Hear them with your heart. “He has placed His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit.” 2 Corinthians 1:22.

No matter what distractions, no matter how difficult it is to see through the fog, no matter how many choices are put in front of you, remember, because He dwells within you, you know the way!