Psalm 34:2 “My soul shall make its boast in the LORD; The humble shall hear of it and be glad.”

It seems there is an endless stream of boasting that bombards us each and every day. Someone, somewhere, thinks that they are something special and wants the world to know about it. People spend quite a bit of time and energy proclaiming their message about themselves over Twitter and Facebook, and every other media outlet they can find. And who really cares? King David could have done the same. He could have sent letters all over the place, telling everyone how he killed Goliath, how he rose in the ranks of Israel, how he was anointed to be king at such a young age. He could have sent messengers to boast how Saul and his army couldn’t find him and how he could have killed Saul many times if he wanted to. David could have done that, but he didn’t.

David instead took the mindset that if I’m going to extol the praises of anyone, if I’m going to make a stand on anything, if I’m going spend my time and energy glorifying something or someone, it’s going to be the Lord. God is the only one who should be receiving such praise. He is the only one worthy of all that glory and honor. With every breath that I have, I will sing His praise! And when you sing the praises of God, you will never be alone. The humble in heart will hear and be glad and join in. Those whom God has marked as His own will hear and come along side you.

How about you? Are you ready, like David, to make your boasting about God today? Can you take a stand for the Lord on social media, and with your friends? What is one thing about God that you want the world to hear today? Imaging if we all, all His people around the world, took every opportunity today to praise His name. Wow! That would be awesome! Go for it people of God! Let His praises ring!