John 21:9 “When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread.”

Jesus was waiting for His friends to come back to shore. And when they got there, He didn’t scold them or condemn them or ridicule them. No, he welcomed them to come and eat with Him. He called them back into fellowship with Him. And He does the same with us.

This picture of Jesus by the fire cooking breakfast for His friends is so amazing! What a glimpse of the heart of our Lord for us! I struggle day in and day out with the weight of condemnation and shame that I carry over my sins. But that is my doing. That is a result of the lies that I hang onto so often. That is not God’s heart for me. And it is not God’s heart for you either.

Our Lord loves us with an overflowing, unending, never failing love. He wants to be with us. Everyday! All day! I recently heard a pastor say, “What do you think God does in His free time? He thinks of you!” How cool is that! I just can’t get over that Jesus wants to be near me.

Have you ever struggled with believing that God wants a close, intimate relationship with you? Do you ever question whether He will really never leave you nor forsake you? Let the portrait of His love and intimacy captured in John 21:9 be a reminder to you today that Jesus really does want to share every moment of life with you.