John 21:5 “He called out to them, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” “No,” they answered.”

Jesus calls out to His disciples in their confusion and chaos. He calls out to them and calls them friends. “Have you found what you thought you were looking for?” Nope. We came to go fishing but haven’t found any.

When your world is getting rocked a bit, when the pieces aren’t making sense, when you go looking for some stability and something familiar, can you hear Jesus calling out to you? “Friend, have you found it, that thing you were looking for, that feeling you thought you needed?”

When you run, what are you really looking for? You might run to food, but what are you looking for? Maybe it’s a drug, or sex, or peace and quiet? Whatever you run to, wherever you go, what are you really crying out for? Do you find it where you run to?

Nope! We never do. Not until we hear Jesus’ voice calling out to us and turn toward the one that knows what we have been seeking all along. Jesus has what we are really looking for. Jesus is what we are really looking for. If I would just run to Jesus every time, what a difference that would make. Oh, the heartache that would save me.

Jesus, I run to run now. No matter where I am, I choose you right now. I set my heart to seek after you with every breath. I need you. I love you! If you seek after God with all your heart, He will be found. It’s a promise!