Proverbs 19:22 “What a person desires is unfailing love; better to be poor than a liar.”

We all desire unfailing love. This statement reminds me of a song from the musical Oliver entitled, Where is Love?

Where is love?
Does it come from skies above
Is it underneath the willow tree that I’ve been dreaming of
Where is she whom I close my eyes to see
Will I ever know the sweet hello that’s meant for only me
Who can say where she may hide
Must I travel far and wide till I am beside
The someone who I can mean something to
Where, where is love

We spend our lives trying to fill that void with everything this world has to offer but it all falls short of satisfying. There is nothing in this world that can quench that desire for unfailing love. Because everything in this world will fail us in some way.

Only Jesus can fulfill that desire. Only Jesus is enough to fill that empty space. Only Jesus loves us that much! How amazing it is that God loves us in this all encompassing way. He loves us enough to break through our hardness. He loves us enough to wait patiently for us. He loves us enough to cover our brokeness, our nakedness, with His righteousness. He loves us enough to pay the ransom for our life. He said, I want that one. I love that one. I’m willing to pay whatever it costs to have that one with me forever.

Wow! Thanks Jesus! May my heart find all it needs in all you are for all my life!