Proverbs 19:3 “A person’s own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the LORD.”

There are many people today whose hearts rage against the Lord. Something happened to them or someone they love for which they blame God and they are unwilling to let go of it. Think of this from God’s perspective for a second.

You made a perfect world full of life everywhere. It was beautiful in every way. When you thought about each aspect of this perfect creation you called it all good. Then you outdid yourself and created a being that was like you, it had your image, and placed it in the middle of that perfect world. And it was very good.

You cared for, and nurtured, and watched out for every need that mankind had. You spent time with them and taught them what they needed to know to prosper. You had relationship with what you created. And it was good.

Then these being did the exact thing you told them not to do. They destroyed your creation and corrupted what was perfect. To a place that knew only life, they brought death. To a world that was all good, they sewed evil.

And generation after generation they continue to disobey and choose evil rather than good. They deny your part in creating this world, or worse, accuse you of making it wrong and faulty. As they walk down the paths that you warned them against, they blame you for each time they fall and each hurt they endure.

And God loves us anyways. God loves me anyways. Despite all the times I choose the path He says not to go down, His love endures. His love is greater than my disobedience. His love is more than enough to cover yours as well. What an amazing God He is!