John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

Wow! What a command Jesus has just given to you and I. We are to love each other. This is probably one of the hardest commands to follow. It seems so simple. Just three little words, “Love each other”. Take that in for a second and all that it means. Jesus commands us to love each other. Imagine for a moment what that would look like. Imagine just what your day would look like if you were to follow this command with all your heart. Just for a day. How different would your life be?

For me, that would take a whole lot of giving up of self. When I think of my life and attitudes in contrast to loving each other, I see just how much of my thought life is consumed with my wants, my needs, my desires and how very little I spend time thinking about others. And that’s just my thoughts! My actions fall even shorter in comparison to loving everyone around me. How loving are my actions towards others throughout the day? Not very. Now, I’m not being mean to others, but can I really say that I’m being loving towards them? Probably not.

My first thought would be that it would be tiring to love everyone. But then I remember that loving others is life giving and brings joy. So, in fact, I would most likely have more energy at the end of a day of loving others than at the end of a day of being selfish. Imagine that! What about you? What would a day of loving others look like for you? What would be waiting for you at the end of such a day? Oneness with Jesus demands that wee love each other as He has loved us. Sounds like a challenge worth trying.