Psalm 37:23 “The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” NLT

I’m still shaking as I write this. I was driving home from work tonight on I-25 here in Denver. Rush hour in traffic is not my favorite time of day but one that I have spent many a long ride home sitting through. Traffic was stopping ahead so I started applying the brakes. Then the cars in front of me slammed on their brakes. I braked hard and felt the brakes engage for a second and then they broke free. My foot was all the way to the floor and I was still approaching the truck in front of me. Seeing that I didn’t have enough room to stop, I veered to the left to avoid the truck and was able to squeak along side that vehicle while running my front tire up the center median to stop me. I managed not to hit the truck, my tires are big enough on my truck that they gripped the center median without rubbing my fenders at all, so without a scratch, I came to a stop. Broken brake line was the culprit.

When I read this verse, I think of how life is better when I follow the instruction manual that God has given us. I think of all the blessings that God has placed in my life. I think of the wonderful, intimate relationship that the Lord wants to have with me. But I often overlook just how God orders my steps in the midst of calamity. When chaos is happening around me, the Lord is still ordering my life. When the details of my life are messy, God still is delighting in me.

Now, I could be mad that my truck broke down. But I’m not. God protected me and the guy in front of me. God ordered my steps even when my truck was falling apart. And this isn’t the first time He’s done that. He always does that. He has ordered my steps through fourteen surgeries. He ordered my steps when my first marriage fell apart and I was sleeping on the floor in my office. He was ordering my steps when my dad died and when we had to put our pet down. 

This verse is just as true when life is bad as when life is good. God doesn’t delight in you less when you are having a bad day. He doesn’t stop guiding you when things start going wrong. God is always directing, always guiding, always present, always delighting in us. What a comforting thought that is and one that I am very thankful for tonight.