Proverbs 17:9 “Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”

It seems like the media today is all about uncovering every bad thing they can find. Digging into and publicizing every mistake we have ever made. I wouldn’t want to be anyone famous today.

But this is just as true in our little, insignificant, unheard of live as well. What is more important, being right or keeping a close friend? What is better, to catch someone doing something wrong or to show grace and love to those that make mistakes? My wife is so good at covering over my mistakes. She never throws me under the bus. She is so careful not to publicly humiliate me.

There are times that I’ve told others something that my wife has done wrong in order to get a laugh. It brings division into our marriage when I do that. Love doesn’t air other peoples dirty laundry. Love let’s what in the past stay in the past. Love doesn’t need to be better or smarter or right.

If you want to build a loving relationship, learn to be an encourager, practice lifting others up, be a cheerleader for your close friends. Don’t focus on their flaws and be sure to point out to others their triumphs. That’s an environment where love will flourish and grow. That’s a safe place, a loving place.