Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

The word translated commit is galal in Hebrew. It means to roll away or roll onto another. When we commit something to the Lord, we are rolling it onto His shoulders. We don’t have to carry it any longer. Whatever we do, whatever actions we take, whatever we are working on, we are not supposed to carry the weight of that task by ourselves. We are to roll the heavy burden onto the Lord.

In doing so, we are trusting Him with the outcome. Whatever you are working hard at, entrust the Lord with the outcome. Trust that God will take your works and make the best out of them. It is easy to say those words, but trust is not any easy thing. At least not for me. I struggle with trusting. Trust is scary. Trust means letting go of my control or should I say, letting go of my perception that I was in control. Any else ever struggle with trust? And it is harder the bigger the weight I’m carrying.

But God has big shoulders. He can carry your weight no matter what it is. And as we roll our burden onto His strong shoulders, He promises that our plans, our thoughts, our purpose, our mission will be established. He will make it firm and steadfast. He will do it. Not by our strength but by His. Not by our hard work but through His. If I am willing to let go, He is able to take over. If I don’t let go, He doesn’t force His way in. But as I hand it over to Him, He solidifies what was just a plan or thought.

What task are you laboring under that you need to commit to the Lord? Go ahead and roll it His way. He’s big enough to carry it to completion for you.