Proverbs 15:17 “A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.”

I think that this verse really speaks to what is important in life. Is it the delicacies and finer things this world has to offer that really matter at the end of the day? Is it how full your belly is or how full your heart is that makes life worth living?

I’ve spent the last few weeks stressing over new phones, faster internet, and a broken printer. Technology that is designed to simplify our lives has complicated mine. Because I’ve allowed it to take my focus away from what really matters.

Take a second and ponder your life right now. Is there any area of your life that you’ve allowed to take your focus off of what really matters to you? Have your priorities been misaligned in any area? If God is highlighting anything, I encourage you to lay it down at His feet and ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him to help you to re-prioritize your life around what really matters to you.

Lord, please forgive me for being consumed with the temporal and losing sight of the eternal. For getting frustrated over the unimportant at the expense of the peace and joy of what really matters. Thank you for loving me fully and accepting me unconditionally. Amen.