Proverbs 14:22 “Do not those who plot evil go astray? But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.”

I was drawn to this verse because I want to find love and faithfulness. Doesn’t everyone want that? I want to find love and faithfulness in those around me and I want to find love and faithfulness in my own heart. God has given me  a wonderful example of love and faithfulness in my beautiful wife. She exemplifies love and faithfulness in every way. I wish that I was more like her. Too often, my heart is hard and apathetic towards those around me. I do not plan good towards them. Instead, I plan how to avoid others so that I don’t have to interact with them.

My wife, on the other hand, is always wanting to help others. She is always seeking the good of those she interacts with whether she has known them for a long time or if she just met them. And as a result, her heart is full of love and faithfulness, and I reap the rewards of that daily.

What about you? Could you use a little more love and faithfulness in your life? From those around you? In your own heart?

If so, start planning good for those around you. The word translated “plan” in this verse can also mean “to engrave”. So, engrave what is good, make it happen, carve out the time to do good for others. In doing so, you will find love and faithfulness both in others and in your own heart.