2 Kings 22:11 “When the king heard the words of the Book of the Law, he tore his robes.”

I was immediately convicted when I read this verse. How often do I read the pages of scripture and don’t apply them to my life today? How hard my heart has become to God’s Word. For Josiah, he was so cut to the heart that it was like someone close to him had died. I want that passion for God’s Word again.

How about you? How do you respond to reading the Word of God?

God had already declared that He was going to destroy Judah and send them away to Babylon. So, did it matter whether the Josiah did good or evil in the eyes of the Lord? Could we ask the same question of our world today? Does it matter if we do good or evil in the eyes of the Lord? Josiah put off God’s judgement for a whole generation. One man’s wholehearted obedience to the Lord changed a nation for a generation.

Some may ask, can I make a difference? All it takes is one person abandoned to God to change the world. The real question is, am I willing to make a difference? Am I willing to be the person that does not turn to the left or the right? Am I willing to be against what God is against and for what God is for? But you know me God and I’ve already blown it. I’ve already messed my life up. It’s too late for me to make a difference. Is it ever too late to follow God with all your heart?

What would your world look like if you turned to the Lord with all your heart? What would your family look like? What would the church look like if each of us obeyed the Lord wholeheartedly? If the Lord changed the course of a generation because of one man’s obedience, imagine what he could do with a whole church that is sold out to Him. Why don’t we give it a try? Anyone else want God to change this world of ours? Anyone else willing to give it a shot?