10 Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.

This verse speaks two things to me as I read it today. First, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has been hurt by sin in some way. No one is immune. And none of us can tell the depth of the hurt that another is feeling as a result of that burden they are carrying. We are connected by our common struggles but each of us has to walk that path ourselves.

Secondly, because we can never know completely the depth of the sorrow of another, we likewise can not completely comprehend the joy that God’s healing and forgiveness means to another. Those words, “You are forgiven” hit each heart in a different way, so too the words, “You are loved”. They are no less true for any one of us but we each have our own expression of those truths in our life.

So, I cannot judge you as you share your hurts. Nor can I judge you for the expression of your joy. We are to love one another, prefer one another, receive one another, admonish one another, greet one another, serve one another, forebear one another, be kind to one another, comfort one another, edify one another, exhort one another, consider one another, and pray for one another. All these we do by the help of the Holy Spirit because only God knows what is in the heart of a man.