19 A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul, but fools detest turning from evil.

It is a foolish thing to hold onto something unhealthy at the expense of true happiness and fulfillment. But how often have I played the fool in a similar way? How many times have I chosen to remain in sin instead of fleeing to God? How many times have I thought negatively of doing what is right and listened to my flesh that wanted to cling to what was bad?

The fool wont do what he knows he should do to enjoy what only God can provide. And the fool wont let go of what drags him down in order to make room for the blessing that God has for him. Are we not all fools at times?

Is there a dream or a longing of your heart that hasn’t been fulfilled? Could it be that you might be refusing to turn from something that is unhealthy, holding onto some aspect of this world? God has placed dreams and passions in our hearts, not to torment us, but to be fulfilled in Him. He longs to see His children embrace their God given passions and leave behind the things of this world and run to Him.