7 One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.

Both of these are dishonest. Both are living a lie. The one spends like he’s made of money, without a thought about when the bills come due. The other, maybe out of fear, hordes every penny. The one offers help but has nothing to back it up with when called upon. The other could help many but refuses to be generous.

But let’s not just talk about material wealth. What if we look at this verse in terms of spiritual wealth. There are many who think and act like they have a wealth of spiritual knowledge. They make a show of it. They dress the part so to speak. Yet on the inside they are sorely lacking. They are empty of any real spiritual substance. The offer to help, to pray, to mentor but when called upon, they leave you hanging. There are also those that though they know and possess the riches of God’s grace, they are unwilling to stand up and be counted among those that believe. They are on the team but won’t get off the bench and into the game. They bury their talents, the gifts given to them, when they could do so much good for the kingdom. They have so much to offer but, maybe out fear, they refuse to share their faith with others.

Which one are you? Do you pretend to be rich, or generous, or like you have the Christianity all figured out, but are really empty, and lacking, and afraid to let others know that you have struggles of your own? Or do you know the risen savior, the God of the universe, but shy away from stepping out in that same resurrection power to share your faith, or pray for a stranger, or volunteer at church?

Both are living a lie. What is your truth today?