Proverbs chapter 11 is full of contrasts between the righteous and the wicked. For a moment, let’s look at these two lifestyles side-by-side and personalize them a bit.

  1. your dishonesty is detestable – your honesty brings favor
  2. your pride brings disgrace – your humility brings wisdom
  3. your duplicity destroys you – your integrity guides you
  4. your wealth won’t save you – your righteousness delivers you
  5. your wickedness brings you down – your righteousness makes your path straight
  6. your evil desires trap you – your righteousness delivers you
  7. your hope in man dies – your hope in God is forever
  8. your wickedness gets you in trouble – your righteousness rescues you
  9. your Godless mouth destroys others – your knowledge of God helps us escape
  10. no one rejoices over your wickedness – your righteousness makes us all extatic
  11. your wicked mouth will destroy you – others are exalted by your blessings
  12. you’re stupid to put down others – you keep quiet because you understand
  13. your gossip is betrayal – I can trust in your confidentiality
  14. you’ve let others down trying to do it on your own – you ask for help and we all win
  15. your bad deals make you suffer – you are safe because you don’t deal with shady characters
  16. when it has to be your way all you end up with is your way – your kind heart is honorable
  17. your cruel ways ruin your life – your kindness benefits you
  18. payback is coming – the good you have sewn will bear fruit
  19. your evil is killing you – your righteousness is life giving
  20. your perverse heart is detestable – you are a delight when you do it right
  21. your wickedness will be punished – your righteousness sets you free
  22. your showing off stinks – you are beautiful
  23. you get what you look for
  24. you lack because you’re stingy – you are blessed because you give

Did you find yourself in this list someplace? Are there any that really speak to you today? Everyday, I find myself on both sides of this list. Lord, help us to live as you have called us to live.