9 Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

We are to instruct the wise. It doesn’t tell us to instruct the foolish. You see, the foolish will just waste your effort and throw it away. But the wise, they know the value of wisdom and will be eager to learn more.

The wise know that they don’t know everything so they will continue to learn when given the chance. We are to have that same heart. Always searching for more of God’s wisdom. Hungry to learn more about God and His ways.

Have you ever glossed over a passage of scripture because you’ve heard it so many times that there isn’t anything left for you to learn from it? I know that I’ve had that attitude before. That is the wrong attitude to have. The Word of God is living and active. There is always something new for God to show you.

Though we are to seek after wisdom and continue to learn, we are not to trust in our wisdom. Every time that I trust in my wisdom apart from God, I end up failing. God’s ways are not man’s ways. There is a path that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death.

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.” Prov. 12:15.

Lord, our prayer is that you make us hungry for you every day. Hungry for your presence. Hungry for your Word. Hungry for your righteousness. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Mt. 5:6.