1 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Set your mind and heart on what’s eternal. Everything in this world will pass away. The only thing that you can take with you to heaven are other believers. We are to invest our lives in the great commission. Go make disciples ,baptize, and teach. That’s what we are to be about.

Easier said than done. Every ad campaign, every news story, every movie shifts our focus onto the things of this world. How hard it is to keep an eternal perspective when I’m constantly being told what this world can provide me with. To fit in, to be normal, you need to do this or that, buy this or that, wear this or that, go here or there. Success is having it all, or at least having more than the Jones’ next door.

But God has delivered us out of this world system. He has placed a new nature in us and then placed us back here as ambassadors for His kingdom. So, we are to be all about bringing His kingdom everywhere we go. Every conversation, every purchase, every plan that we make should point others to His kingdom. We are not of this world any longer. Do you get that? Does your life reflect that? You should look different, talk different, live differently than those around you. Do you?

What can you do differently today to refocus on Christ and His purposes?

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  1. BigBuck

    One way , was instead of being down and tired bringing that gloom into another work week. Allowing thoughts to pull me into a bunch of dreadful thoughts. I take them captive and speak outloud to my circumstances the truth of His word.
    I am holy! I am righteous! I am full of joy eternal! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I put on the armor of God! I have overcome evil with good! I am alive, alert, and ready! Jesus has made me whole! I am an ambassador to heaven! My strength is renewed! I am full of peace, love and faith! I love Jesus ! I hate iniquity! I am redeemed! Praise God!

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