14 Stand firm then, … with the breastplate of righteousness in place,

The breastplate guards your vital organs, your heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. These organs keep us alive and injuries to them often result in a quick death. The breastplate covers your soft, vulnerable parts from injury. It covers both the front and back from attack.

In the Bible, the heart represents our will. Of the 830 times heart is used, only twice is it used to indicate the physical organ in our chest. We are to believe in our heart; love with our heart; and give from our heart. Even today, we often hear the phrase to do it with all your heart. It is also where the Holy Spirit resides within us. That deposit was placed in our hearts.

The Bible also places the source of our emotions in our guts. It is in our bowels that we long for things and when we are deeply hurt our insides ache. We still hear this in today’s language when someone is betrayed it is often referred to as being hit in the stomach or stabbed in the back.

The breastplate of righteousness protects us. But how? This is not righteousness that comes from my own deeds. It is a righteousness that it given to us by Christ. If it was based on our own deeds then we would be vulnerable each time we fell short. Instead, it is the righteousness of Jesus imputed to us by the gift of His life. Therefore, when the enemy comes accusing us and reminding us of our sins, we can stand firm knowing that God views us as righteous apart from any deeds done.

Are you struggling with your will today? Are your emotions getting the best of you? Put on that breastplate of righteousness and stand firm against the accuser of the brethren.

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  1. BigBuck

    It’s the little things that can build up and make me want to scream like a boiling tea pot. The workplace can be challenging and then diving into a full house at home. I have learned if I STOP! Take a breath, and pray in the spirit . A peace and calming come on me and I am able to not go berserk in emotions and vomit all over everybody. Everything is guarded and the lies from the enemy dissipate. Amen!

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