10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

What does it mean to be strong in the Lord? I have done quite a bit of weight lifting in my life. One thing I know is that you don’t get strong just sitting around. Your muscles need to be worked hard in order to gain strength. You have to push yourself to the point of exhaustion and muscular fatigue at times to make gains. And the moment you stop exercising those muscle regularly, they start to atrophy and weaken. If this is true with our physical bodies, it is just as true with our spiritual bodies.

Where does your strength lie? Where is your confidence? If it is in anything but God and His strength, it will fail you. I used to trust in my strength and my intelligence and my finances. But they all have failed me. God’s strength will never fail!

Whatever you are strong in, whatever you are good at, you will be known by that. I want to be good at God. I want to be strong in Him. I want to be known for being His not for anything I do. I am a Marked Man for Christ. I belong to Jesus!

No matter what you are going through today, God is stronger! No matter how dark it seems, God is more powerful than the darkness. Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!

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  1. BigBuck

    I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Wow! That has a sweet sound to it. I too lifted weights to be Strong and fell off and dealt with atrophy. Same for my spiritual growth. Getting back to a routine of spending daily time with the father has made me realize how much I didn’t truly understand what the Lord thought about me. Also, that he has left a helper which is more of a gift to me then Jesus staying here in the flesh. He is my helper and gives Power (Dunamis resurrection power) which gets me through any challenge I face and never gets tired of hearing my requests. I love my daddy! Praise Jesus!

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