32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Be kind. It is amazing how far little acts of kindness go in preaching the Gospel. My wife and I were taking a tour of the Pryor Mountain wild mustangs just yesterday. There were two vehicles in our group as we drove up the 4-wheel drive trail on the Wyoming / Montana border. A man was walking down the trail and his leather chaps and riding gear made it clear that something had happened to the off-road vehicle that he was driving. Sure enough he had run out of gas and was walking baking to his vehicle to drive back and pick up his motorcycle.

The man driving the truck leading us told the guy to jump in the back and he’d drive him back to his vehicle. He turned his truck around and drove him down the trail and then caught back up with us a while later. Act of kindness number one, the man leading our tour stopped to talk to the man walking. How often do I just pass by people that might be in need? Act of kindness number two, the tour guide offered him a ride back. How often do I stop short of putting my own skin in the game and just pray for the person in need? Act of kindness number three, this cost the group in that truck a good hour to turn around and drive back down and then head back on up the trail. These people paid good money to be on this tour. They could have complained about the inconvenience. I mean, he should have known better than to go out without enough gas in the tank. Right? Never once did I hear the people in the lead truck complain, or murmur, or put down, or grumble. How often have I let my being inconvenienced effect my attitude?

It was so nice to see Christianity in action! So, go sprinkle kindness wherever you go today and watch the seeds grow around you into the beauty and fragrance of Christ.

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  1. BigBuck

    Praise God! I need to keep that kindness fresh in my mind. It has been challenging learning a new language and dropping the old one. The Israelites had to do it in the desert as most of them didn’t make it because of murmuring and complaining all the time. Thank you father I can be alert and sincerely kind to others so that they may see you in me.

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