16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Have you ever broken a bone, torn a ligament, or sprained an ankle? It hurts! At first, nothing feels right, nothing wants to move. It seems like you ache in more places than just where the injury is. Soon, though, the body begins to compensate for the injured part and you make do. Before long the constant compensation for that which is lacking wears on those parts that are working harder and other parts of the body start to hurt. The injured area atrophies and grows weaker creating more imbalance. It is only once the injured part heals and begins to be used again that the body as a whole begins to function normally once again.

The church behaves in a similar way. When part of the church is injured or is immobilized and not being used, the whole body is hurt. Those that are still functioning take on more responsibility. The church keeps going but it just doesn’t feel right. Pretty soon the heavy lifters are burning out and everyone starts to suffer.

God has given us all a part in this body of His. We all have a purpose, we all are needed. But life happens and maybe something has immobilized you. Maybe you’ve been hurt by something or someone and you feel like you are the one that is in need. Maybe you feel like your sin has disqualified you and shut you down. Perhaps you’ve been carrying the load for too long and have nothing left to give. Whatever the reason is for your inaction, the answer is the same. Go to Jesus! Go to Jesus and receive the healing, the rest, the breath that you need. Then, it’s back to doing what God created you to do. The body needs you! The love in your heart will help me grow. It’s only as we all do our part that the Body of Christ will grow and be built up. Imagine being part of a healthy body that is growing and vibrant and life changing! Now go and be a part of that body.

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  1. BigBuck

    Go to Jesus is absolutely right!
    I remember in my last 20 years starting, stopping, starting , stopping. Felt like I was the one who had the seed , but the weeds , lust of this world and pleasures would choke that seed for me to really stay the course. Ashamed and would beat myself up. Woe was me thinking. I’m all alone, I have no one who cares. I will never change! I can’t make a difference! I had a rough childhood, I’m a lost cause! What absolute lies from the enemy. Game changer when you realize who you are in Christ. He has an overflowing amount of Dunamis resurrection power to see you through any obstacle or challenges. Do I still have thoughts that come to sway? Of course, but now I take them captive and stay close to the Lord. Stay connected in P3’s , don’t make provision for flesh. A leaven, leavens the whole lump. I’ve learned you can’t enjoy both words. One is Death and one is Life. Grey is a slllloooowwwww painful death. I am a spirit man now and do not trust my 5 physical carnal senses anymore. They are whimpy and love to sell out . Awareness is key! Praise God

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