19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,

Have you ever been somewhere that you didn’t fit in? Where you felt like a stranger and everyone else belonged? How about while visiting a church? How sad that we often make other believers feel like outsiders in our churches. We’re all part of His family. We all belong to His kingdom. It should be like coming home every time you step foot in a church. Whenever you meet fellow Christians around the world it should be like a family reunion.

  • Do you feel that sense of belonging in your church?
  • Do you recognize yourself as part of His family?

You do belong in His family! There’s a song in the musical Oliver called “Consider Yourself” that says it nicely.

Consider yourself at home
Consider yourself one of the family
We’ve taken to you so strong
It’s clear we’re going to get along.

Consider yourself well in
Consider yourself part of the furniture
There isn’t a lot to spare
Who cares? Whatever we’ve got we share!

Consider yourself our mate
We don’t want to have no fuss,
For after some consideration we can state
Consider yourself one of us!

I can just see Jesus singing this song over each one of us. He’s thrilled to have you for a relative!

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  1. BigBuck

    That’s Awesome! I actually just saw that movie after seeing it back when I was 9. Loved that part of the movie. Made me wish I had guys who had my back.
    When I was young going to church I just went through the motions. My parents seemed fired up , but then would end up arguing about something . Church to me was just a place to sign in or keep it cool with God. I would participate more if I was participating less in the world and vice versa
    I could never fit in the world because I was always trying to gain acceptance from performing. I would get convicted by the Holy Spirit to come back . A lot of back and forth, stop and go. Now I have come to the realization that no matter what performance I do I am already accepted by God the father. I am free! I can be the real me! I am not ashamed of the gospel! I am forgiven! I don’t go to church anymore wondering if someone will greet me. I go and bless them, I plug into bible studies, parenting groups, men’s groups, men’s nights and share what God has done in my life. It has drawn in many men and those seeds that were sown have now brought a harvest of some good relationships in my church of 2 years.
    The key was I had to recognize I was already part of HIS family. The rest is HIS-Story

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