10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

I love that phrase, “as we have opportunity” or “while we have opportunity” as it is sometimes translated. We are to do good to everyone at every opportunity. When an opportunity presents itself for us to do good to someone, we are to take God up on it and make the most of it. God gives us opportunities each day and in many ways to do good for others. Imagine if we looked out for those opportunities and took advantage of each one.

What keeps you from doing good to all people with every opportunity that you are given? It might help to break it down.

  • What keeps you from doing good?
  • What keeps you from doing good to all people?
  • What keeps you from doing good to all people with every opportunity that you are given?

The two words that I struggle with in this are “doing” and “every”. Doing means that I have to actually do something and that comes against my lazy nature that just wants to hang out and relax. God wants me to get up and do things for others. And every doesn’t mean just once a week or when I get around to it or when it is convenient for me. Every means each time that I’m presented with the opportunity to do good, I do it. Whether it takes extra time or extra effort or extra cost. Just do it!

My life would be so full, so rich,so purposeful, if I took God up on all that He brings my way. One other thing. Can I tell you that we don’t always get a second chance to do good to someone? Sometimes that opportunity presents itself only once. So, go for it when it does! It’s God’s gift to you and to the person you are doing good for.

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  1. BigBuck

    Wow! This really speaks to me today.
    Laziness, awkwardness, judgements, lack of care, fear just some of the things that can keep me from showing kindness or goodness to others.
    So earlier tonight I went to the gym with my children. We went to the basketball courts . 3 of my boys wanted to play around the world . I noticed a teenage kid sitting on the side in this busy gym, He had Down syndrome . Quickly in my heart I heard a voice saying invite him to play. It took me by surprise, but before too many thoughts came in my head to war against it. I ran over and said hey come and play with us. He jumped up and I showed him what to do. He started nailing shots and we cheered him on. He went all around the world and back. Then went to play some more with my kids. I went to workout and a lady came and said , thank you for doing that. I said bless you! She caught me off guard, but I wish I would of said Jesus loves you! It’s ok because at least she saw Jesus and seeds were sown.

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