3 I thank my God every time I remember you. 4 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy

I love this picture. Paul is locked up but they can’t lock up his prayer life! As he goes through his prayer list, he gets to the Church at Philippi and a smile comes across his face. Paul can’t help but rejoice when he remembers his fellow Christians there. And when he prays for them, he is thankful and full of joy!

That sure sounds better than the drudgery that marks many of our prayer lives. How’s your prayer life today? Does your face light up when you pray for those in your circle of influence? Are you filled with joy knowing that God has begun a good work and will complete it in those you are praying for?

What does it look like to pray with joy? I must admit that I don’t often think of prayer as joyful. There are too many people suffering from cancer, needing a job, with children that have strayed from the faith, and those waiting for test results. But I think that there is a lesson here for us. Well, for me at least. Do I really take the time to be thankful for those I am praying for? Do I take the time to remember who they are to me and to God? Do I remember what God has already done for them both in eternity and in their lives here on earth?

Next time you pray, I challenge you to pray with joy.