I am working the sound board at the back of the chapel service on Sundays.  Some help was sorely needed with a number of people transitioning this summer.  Its not my strongest ability, but I enjoy the music and the ability to mix the vocals and instruments. The sound board is pretty technical and reminds me of the HAL-5000.  I keep waiting for it to zap or yell at me for turning a nob or setting incorrectly…Just kidding.  I will get to sing occasionally again, as well.  I haven’t been able to do so in almost 7 years.  I have to admit that I miss it.  Being a part of corporate worship is something that I enjoy, however, I prefer being a back-up vocalist as opposed to lead vocalist.  It just suits my personality better.

I learned an interest aspect of sound work this week between practice and the service this morning.  Jesus talks about it in Scripture too.  I hear things differently than others.  Others hear things different than i do.  God made me unique in how I hear and understand just like God made others similarly.  As I learned the sound board this week, I was paired with two teenagers who have been assisting.  Every time that I made a modification to the sound, they would come right behind me and change it.  Me, being the new guy didn’t really question it, because I didn’t feel confident enough in the changes that I was making.  By the end of practice, I felt more comfortable, but the boys kept making the changes.  Instead of punching them out, I merely watched and asked.  I then realized that they heard and understood things different than me.  They are not vocalists.  They play instruments like their dad, so they are more keen on guitar and bass (really loud too…).  So I explained that the congregation might appreciate hearing a blending of instruments and voices more because it will allow them to follow the worship as opposed to feeling like a concert.

In Scripture, Jesus points out that there are many people doing different things, but there is but ONE way to God.  It’s through him.  This was a huge challenge for the different audiences: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Samaritans, ordinary Jews, Gentiles, and even Jesus’ disciples.  They all were looking for and heard different things.  BUT, Jesus said that “I AM the way, the truth, and the life….”  This is a lot like a MMFC ministry soul group (p1, p2 or p3), where many different elements of the body of Christ are together.  How often do the soul group members hear the same message just a little bit different?  Let us continue to embrace our uniqueness in Christ while we honor/celebrate the differences (1 Corinthians 12:24-27).

So, as it relates back to the sound board, only one person can be in charge, otherwise, the worship will be distorted because different people (including me) are trying to hear different things.  I learned an important lesson.

– Tom

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  1. markedmenforchrist@msn.com

    Thanks TOM! Soul Groups “rock” … smile! I consider my p3 soul group to be my weekly Saturday morning workout — for FAITH strength building — from the inside-out!

  2. scottgmckenzie1@msn.com

    More of Jesus and less of me!

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