Welcome to the maiden voyage of the MMFC blog.  That’s right!  We have launched a new blog on our website to help encourage each other through our online community.  This new format will be a bit more formal than our Face Book postings.  (Both the Open and Closed FB pages)  The blog will also serve as a venue for greater and extended content for discussions and encouragement.  If you’ve had some experience in communication and blogging and would love to be a contributor then send an inquiry entry to markedmenforchrist@msn.com for consideration.

For now though; what is your story of blessing through MMFC?  My journey began about three years ago through the influence of Jim Philips.  Jim had spoken highly of MMFC and its mission a number of times in our ministry conversations.  The more I heard the more I wanted to know.  Though I had some of my own internal baggage to deal with; my story somewhat began with an academic bent.  In other words, because I serve in a full-time professional ministry context I somewhat assumed I knew what to anticipate.  “Been there; done that,” type thinking.  On the other hand I wanted to “learn more” from a professional standpoint so that I could be more effective in helping others. So I stepped out and went on a Phases 1 weekend experience.   I was going to learn just like any other conference.  What I received at the end of the weekend though was much more than I expected.  I did gather some additional pointers for men’s ministry and helping people.  But above that, I left the weekend with some major encouragement from guys whom God used to speak into my heart.  I came away a stronger man.

I also came away convinced that no matter what ministry direction God takes me in the future, MMFC would certainly and always be a part of it. In fact I told one of my old college professors that if I were in charge of curriculum at my old Bible College I’d require every incoming freshman to go through a P1 weekend experience. Yes, I really believe in MMFC that much.

What about you?  What were some takeaways from your P1 weekend experience?  How has God changed your life through the ministry of MMFC?  Why would you encourage other men to go to a Phase 1 weekend?

Feel free to respond and engage in the discussion.


A few notes to keep in mind for this forum:

1. Be cautious about sharing specific events or protocols of the P1 weekend.  This is to ensure that we do not take away from the experience of future missioners.  Direct references to the weekend schedule will continue to be discussed in the Open Face Book page.

2. Focus on what God did for “YOU” on the weekend if talking about the P1.  What was your take away?

3. What have you learned that can help others and what can you share that will be of help in strengthening others?

4. All comments will be subject to edits from the admin team.


Steve Hinton