Where did the weakness come from?  Many sociologists will point to a turbulence in time which we know as the 1960s in America.  With free sex came fractured families which lead to countless boys growing up without a dad to lead the way.  While such statistical data is something to consider, the real root resides much further back in history.  The true problem goes all the way back to our first father, Adam, and his forgetting who he was.

What we find in the ancient order of things before sin entered the picture is that Adam was strong.  God created Adam to actually rule creation, to tend the garden, and creatively name the animals and even his own wife, Eve.  Imagine; all of God’s creation was set down in front of Adam to govern.  In short, Adam was created strong.  The problem arose when for whatever reason; Adam lost sight of his heart and gave up his strength as Eve slipped into the grasp of the evil one.  Adam did nothing.  Adam forgot who he was.  The result was more than his personal anti-mission, but a total brokenness within himself, with his wife, and ultimately with God.

But thank God the historical narrative didn’t end there.  This past Christmas we were reminded again that God stepped into history and made a way for things to be different.  Jesus Christ came to bring life and restore our hearts.  Jesus Christ came to restore our strength.  Yes, we deal with brokenness and the brave man acknowledges that.  But through Christ and our P1 journey we can see that God is in the restoration business.  While we will never experience perfection this side of eternity, we can get a glimpse of what God has in store for us in the life of Adam as he was meant to be.  God made Adam strong so that he might bring strength to the world.  God made you strong so that you might strengthen others.

So as we enter the summer months what can you do to strengthen those around you?  Could you be more present for your wife and children?  Could you be more supportive of your local church family or perish and its leadership?  Could you reengage in your P3 and invite other men in your life to the next P1 in your area?  Could you include MMFC ministry with a monthly financial commitment so that more men can find their hearts anew?  In our present strength starved world what can you do to powerfully shine the light of Christ to those around you?

This summer . . . Be Strong; Be Strong; Strengthen One Another!


Steve Hinton

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  1. markedmenforchrist@msn.com

    Steve … love your message of encouragement to the brothers in CHRIST! I’m focusing this summer on my WIFE! Building a stronger marriage (Eph 5)!!! Spice

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