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I am grateful for HIS presence in my life.  The affirmation of HIS love, care and plan for me was renewing. It reminded me that being a Christian man involves getting out of your mind and into your heart…. Something I am often reluctant to consider.  Jesus’ presence was undeniable and I am thankful for the experience and fellowship. – Sam

It’s the MOST intense and gratifying experience I’ve ever been through. – Austin

LIFE CHANGING by God’s grace.  This is the greatest experience I have every been through that has shown me my fears and faults and blessed me with freedom by CHRIST! – Brandon

(Marked Men For Christ P1) is Incredible, Christ centered and filled experience, full of healing and restoration that every man needs to go through. – Andrew

I’m so happy with what JESUS has done for me this weekend.  I feel healed from my wounds.  It’s like the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can breathe deep again. – Claude

Cup overflowing! Humbled by the love of the FATHER in Heaven. – Chris

The personal mission will give me focus for life. – Ryan

WOW … a life changing experience.  JESUS has begun a lifetime healing process … my mission is clear … my wounds are known and not hidden. – Brad

Holy, Soul filling, heart lifting and motivating. – Shayne

The first time that I was able to open up one of my darkest wounds, pour it out, and be filled with GOD’s truth and love. – Greg

Encouraging and a very real blessing. – Alex

Truly AMAZING and so very grateful for how GOD used this weekend and then brought to this weekend to teach and to instruct me and to start the healing process in my life.   Transformational… impactful … essential…motivational… Spiritual … eternal! – Marc

Marked Men For Christ Weekend #241 Testimonies – Hawaii 2016

“A beautiful opportunity to have a life changing encounter with JESUS and the Truth!” Michael

Amazement! For the first time, I fully let JESUS into my heart! I could feel him fill my heart and body with His love! This would not be haven possible without this MMFC weekend.” John

“Opened and exposed wounds I did not know I had and brought healing. Gave me clarity and purpose for my life in the will of God!” Todd

“A crazy ride to Spiritual awareness and freedom!” Chad

“An excellent encounter with the Holy Spirit. Profound experience! MMFC will make you more of a
Christian man – you will learn what it really means to be a Christian man!” Rick

Unlike any other weekend…INCREDIBLY VALUABLE and an amazing tool of the LORD!” David

“I saw Jesus in each and every man I encountered this weekend. Each man gave presents with their presence which allowed me the space to open up and be vulnerable. This (MMFC experience) is a gift from God that I want others to experience!” Scott

“Testosterone – driven! A powerful experience of healing and Spiritual growth for men who are new to soul-work. Jerome

“I have been healed completely and God blessed me!” Yien

“Overwhelmed! I dropped the mask of self-sufficiency and found freedom to release control…” Fred

“WOW! The greatest feeling of joy and love I ever experienced!” Robert

Amazing experience! HE came into my heart and I felt HIS presence for the first time! A ton of hard work but the payoff is worth it. Life changing.” Kyle

(MMFC) “Is an opportunity to understand yourself in a healthy way and then see how much God really loves you.” Gerald

Heart-Opening! Jonathan

I prayed and Jesus answered! I’m blown away. This (MMFC) is a demanding experience that will result in the greatest amount of personal insight in the shortest time that I’ve ever encountered.” Ed

The most beneficial time that I’ve spent in a long time. The ability to find men who share the same scares and goal to heal.” Timothy

“Something every man needs to experience. It is a life changing experience!” Barry

“HEALING! A time where men can be men and operate in an environment to share, learn and experience the love and healing power of CHRIST!” Jon

Weekend #182 (North Carolina) - March 2015Weekend #182 (North Carolina) - March 2015

Holy cow! Jesus spoke to me and showed His presence for the 1st time in 36-years. I saw Him! I heard Him like never before! I AM A CHANGED MAN! MMFC gave me the purpose in life … the meaning of being a man. The strength to tackle all and not be afraid.
–Grant Read more

Weekend #158 (Colorado) - April 2014

Overall the weekend was great. God really placed this weekend in my life at the perfect timing. Jesus reaffirmed my gifts He has given me, and reminded me to continue letting go of control and allowing Him to lead me. This weekend is great for anyone who is trying to heal deep wounds in their life. this weekend will allow you to be honest and open with yourself and it is a great push for a man trying to build themselves up in Jesus! Great experience and great fellowship!
–Brian Read more

Weekend #152 (New Hampshire) – November 2013